October 2018

What an amazing start to the new school year! All of our children have been busy learning new things, working with new materials, and socializing with their friends.

We would like to extend special thanks to Laura Van Dyke, who graciously shared dance lessons with us. The children learned how to stretch properly, and how to create dance movements along with different kinds of music. They enjoyed learning the challenging dances. She even performed tap-dance for us! 

Our children were also excited to meet our local heroes, the firemen from the Ridgewood Fire Department. We learned about important fire safety procedures including getting low to the ground and below the smoke in the event of a fire. They were very curious about how firemen put on their uniforms, and how they use an oxygen mask. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to sit inside the fire truck.

After the Columbus Day holiday, we had a great time with treasure hunting in the classroom. Each Group had a map and hunted for the treasures in the map. They worked very hard as a team, and they were successful! 

This month's curriculum included:


  • Land, Water, and Air

  • The seven continents

  • Land animals on North America

  • U.S.A map and flag; fifty states and its colors represent


  • Underwater sea creatures; We focused on whales, sharks, and starfish.

  • Tree and change of weather; Why do leaves change color?

  • Inside of an apple; naming each part


  • The letters of the week

  • I spy game featuring on initial sounds


  • Triangle box


  • one to ten

  • Teen Board

Thank you for calling the school on mornings when your child is sick, which helps keep us informed about your child’s absence. We appreciate your continued cooperation. 

We have been practicing proper public health etiquette, specifically focusing on how to cover your cough using your arm (see picture to the right), how to blow your nose with a tissue, and how to wash hands thoroughly after blowing your nose. We would appreciate your  cooperation at home as well, this will help ensure our children are healthy to participate in our full program, including outdoor play. Please review the following rules:

  1. Children must be free of fever, diarrhea, and/or vomiting for 24 hours before coming to school. 

  2. Please have your child at home if he/she has an undiagnosed sore or discharge in eyes, or severe runny nose or cough.

  3. Please have your child at home if he/she has an undiagnosed rash.

  4. Any child who arrives at school ill, or becomes ill during the school day, must be sent home immediately. Please arrange prompt pick-up plans in case of these situations.

  5. If you have verification of a communicable disease, please notify the school immediately.

Chizuru Fukuda