November 2018

We would like to extend many thanks to all of our LCMS families for being part of our annual Thanksgiving feast!  The day was filled with delicious food, laughter, and our children’s singing voices. We also had a very special guest, Richie Olivera, the Andean flutist, who performed a beautiful repertoire of songs.  What a heartwarming moment it was to see all of the families come together and dedicate their time to this special occasion.

We hope you enjoyed the stone soup during the feast. Our children put their chopping and tasting skills to the test in preparing the vegetables for the soup.  While cutting the raw vegetables, they also had fun tasting red onions, carrots, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, red beets, celery sticks, celery roots, and bell peppers. It was a fun (and very nutritious) way for them to learn all of the vegetable names.

We would like to thank Narmina Dilman for teaching the cooking classe and reading the old folk story, Stone Soup, which provided this wonderful opportunity to learn about the harvest vegetables, cooking, and the value of sharing.  The story takes place in a town where each person shares a small amount of food in order to create a soup for all to enjoy; similar to how each child helped by preparing the vegetables to create a soup for everyone to enjoy during the feast.

A special thank you to Zarmeen Patil, who visited our class to celebrate Diwali!  Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and is one of the most celebrated occasions in India. She shared with us the vibrant and colorful photos of fireworks, lights, decorations, lamps, candles, and sweets.  

In Geography, our children started to learn about North America.  We have been learning about flags, landmarks, languages, animals, and foods. We will continue to learn more about Native Americans in December.

  • Please provide your child with a snow jacket, snow pants, hat and mittens on snowy days.

  • Please submit a doctor’s note verifying that your child has received the seasonal vaccine by December 20th.

This month’s curriculum included:


  • Researching bison, grizzly bear, moose, and bald eagle


  • Rhyming objects

  • “I spy” game and initial sounds & letters

  • Vowels


  • Red rods

  • Triangle box


  • Red and blue rods

  • Counting objects  1 to 30

  • Number writing practice

  • Addition


Chizuru Fukuda