February 2019

Spring is just around the corner! We are looking forward to welcoming the warmer weather soon. 

 All of our children enjoyed the special occasion of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards. Your thoughtful preparation helped to make everyone’s delivering process so easy and smooth. Thank you for your cooperation!

 We also celebrated one hundred days this month. We all counted 100 beads – marbles for September, acorns for October, pumpkins for November, bells for December, gems for January, and hearts for February. 

 In sensorial, our children have been working on the Triangle box, Rectangular box, Large Hexagon box, and Small Hexagon box. The purpose of this work is to have hands-on experiences with triangles in order to have a clear understanding of how geometric figures are constructed. The triangle is the constructor.

 In geography, we began our adventures in Switzerland, through tasting Swiss cheese & chocolate, learning about two invented materials and the highest mountain in Europe, the Alps. In France, we learned about the Eiffel Tower, counting and greeting in French. In Spain, we were fascinated with the beautiful art of flamenco dancing and the ‘’bullfighting” festival. We are continuing to learn about why the Mediterranean Sea is so important and continuing to read about other countries in Europe.

 In art, they enjoyed creating their own Valentine’s Day card for their family, which was influenced by European stain glasses. They enjoyed the combination of transparent sheets and colorful collages.

 We are scheduling Parents-teacher conferences on Thursday, March 7th and Friday, March 8th. Please make arrangements for students and siblings during the conference time.*No school session for students.

 Thank you for calling and/or emailing in the morning when your child is sick. This helps us stay informed about your child’s absence. We encourage frequent hand washing and coughing and sneezing inside the elbow to prevent the spread of germs in the classroom.




Chizuru Fukuda