Children enjoy playing outdoors everyday using the sandbox, running, catching and throwing balls. The Halloween parade is one of the most exciting events that take place outdoors.

Event room

Children have a great time with their family and friends on Thanksgiving feast day. They perform a dance and song in front of everyone, and enjoy a lovely meal together. Some of the dishes we serve are prepared by our students.

Yoga room

On a weekly base, the children learn yoga with Amanda, who is a yoga instructor. They enjoy the challenge of trying various poses and meditation.

Lunch room

Our children learn proper table manners and enjoy social interactions through engaged conversation in a relaxed and warm environment. Preparation activities before lunch and clean up after lunch encourages children to become more independent, respectful of shared space, and supportive of their peers.

Primary Classroom

The classroom is designed to allow our children to access each learning corner: Practical life & Art, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Culture. The furniture is child-sized, which enables our children to develop small motor skills independently.

There is ample space for both individual work and group activity. Our children work on the floor using roll-out mats as their work space. Each shelf in the classroom displays a variety of materials, which encourages our children to choose their work independently. We also have a peace flower corner. This is a space where children can resolve any problems in a peaceful way.

The two sets of snack tables are almost always in use, as snack time is a popular activity among our children. The snack menu is created on a daily basis by a family, and the children enjoy eating healthy snacks and socializing with their friends.

Stepping Stone Classroom

The classroom is designed for our Stepping Stones children. This small-sized classroom provides basic pre-Montessori materials, Practical life & art, Language, and simple math materials, which are prepared based on the children’s skills and interest, and changed on a daily and weekly basis. This small group enables our children to develop their basic skills and social skills in one to two or three ratio. Children transition to a primary classroom as their independence develops.


When our children arrive to school in the morning, they change from their outside shoes into inside shoes. It helps them become independent in taking care of themselves, and helps keep our classroom clean. Our children’s morning starts here when they open the door!