The Stepping Stones program serves children from ages two and half years old to three years old. The program is designed to help them develop independence, movement, language, and a sense of order. They focus on toilet independence, social interactions, language development, and practical life activities, such as grasping, pouring, taking on/off a jacket, etc.

Children transition to a primary classroom as their independence develops.


We help toddlers learn to choose work by themselves, develop self-care skills, such as taking off/on their outfits, changing in/out shoes, washing their hands, participating at line time, sharing and being kind when interacting with other children in the classroom.


The stepping stones day is filled with activities that develop fine and gross motor movement. Fine motor skills include grasping, stacking, pouring, scooping, etc. Gross motor skills are practiced continually through running, jumping, and throwing/catching a ball. Stepping stones children are always on the move, and we ensure their safety by providing them with age-appropriate opportunities to physical progress.


We emphasize books to develop language skills. There are many other activities that are equally important: Having conversations, naming things (such as animals, vegetables, fruits) and participating in group play.


A classroom routine helps them develop a sense of order and predictability. The work material has a unique place on a specific shelf and the children are encouraged to return the work to its own special place. Toddlers are encouraged to respect the classroom environment and help take care of the room.